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A curated collection of YouTube items (videos, playlists, and channels) related to the current Commander-In-Chief..

This App was inspired by the Millions who marched on Jan. 21, 2017 in Washington and throughout the country and the world, and by those who continue to protest, digitally and in-person, every day with respect to this administration's policies, personnel proposals, rhetoric as well as the widespread damage this administration is bringing to the American public and to the nation.


Mobile Web App:

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All of these videos are available for free on YouTube.

Our goal is to comb through YouTube for items related to the current Oval Office occupant, and add interesting and potentially effective videos to this app.


Each day, as we Americans continue to observe and learn about the current administration and its activities, the President's favorability polls continue to fall. Cabinet picks, alternative facts, executive orders, executive tweets, etc. come out daily at a feverish pace.

This continued downward trend in the Administration's favorability ratings exerts pressure on Congress and their credibility with the public.

How long before the GOP-controlled Congress begins pushing back at the Administration?


This Mobile Web App is for sharing and increasing the POTUS-IQ of the public.

This app is for those who are proactively resisting policies of the current Administration.

Medicare. EPA. Education. Dodd Frank. Healthcare. American values. And more. There's a great deal at stake.


Roberto Montesinos

Living and working professionally as an Actor in Los Angeles, I also enjoy writing code for the iPhone. I am still looking forward to when I spend as many hours working as an Actor as I do writing code. Just saying...


This commercial for MLB 09 video game was so much fun. I was relentlessly teased on set because as a New Yorker I am a life-long Yankee (and Mets) fan and I had to wear a Red Sox jersey. As you may know, the Yanks and the Red Sox are arch-rivals for like a hundred years.

Dustin is an amazing guy and a helluva baseball player.

February 6, 2017

POTUS-45 Mobile Web App

POTUS-45 Mobile Web App
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