Tells It Like It Is App

Political Emails

  • How many emails do you receive each day from political groups asking for money?
  • Do you wish there was something you could do every day to join the current political discourse that didn't require your credit card #?
  • How about being in charge of your own messaging operation?


It's really easy

The first 22 cards of a Tarot Deck are known as the Major Arcana. They are also known as "Trump Cards.".

  • First you pick a Trump Card
  • The meaning for the card is presented to you. You can either pick another card or proceed to...
  • the YouTube video results
  • You know how to do the rest: scroll through, find a video you want to see and if it's worth it, share it.
  • Rinse and repeat...

Imagine if you will, a video is pushed out to the App.

Within one hour, one million users have shared the video (and the hashtag).

Hoo-ahhh!!! Break the Internet!!!


Push Notifications

Periodically, we will Push out a video to be shared..

  • Those who wish to participate in this SpecOp will share the video on Twitter and Facebook as soon as they possibly can.
  • As the number of Special Forces grows, these SpecOps will begin to have a measurable impact on Social Media.
  • Hence another reason to share the App often.