YouTube Videos for Actors

  • Interviews with working actors, directors, coaches, and casting professionals.
  • Analysis of great scenes.
  • Real-time database with regular updates.
  • YouTube content selected for Actors.


Feed Your Art

When an Actor's job is to get the next job...

  • It takes FAITH
  • It takes PERSISTENCE
  • It takes PATIENCE
  • It takes a steady diet of Food for the Artistic Soul.
  • Rinse and repeat...

"Dare to say that you have real genius in you.

Dare to believe that in your personal thoughts and feelings lives a real artist worthy of self-expression and the world's appreciation.

Dare to know that you are an artist capable of creating and revealing an understanding of some aspect of life for you and for everyone." ~ Milton Kaselas


  • Thespianz is connected to a RealTime Database and is updated regularly with new content via YouTube.
  • Allows for Favorite Videos to watch again later.
  • Includes a simple History system of videos watched.
  • Enabling Remote Notifications allows the Actor to be periodically notified of videos and/or links of interest.
  • Share your discoveries on the Thespianz app with other actors on Facebook and Twitter.
  • YouTube button allows Actor to view content on YouTube app in order to subscribe, comment, etc. on YouTube
  • Actors can suggest Youtube items to be included in Thespianz by tweeting to @MontesinosRob. Please make sure to include the YouTube link.
  • We are looking forward to growing the Casting section over time where Casting Professionals will contribute their suggestions for videos for Actors to watch.
  • We commit to scouring YouTube for excellent content for Thespianz.

As a Working Actor in Los Angeles and an iPhone developer, I always wanted an app that helped me connect with the Craft, to nourish my love of Acting, to deepen my understanding and appreciation for my chosen art form; so I built Thespianz.

Thespianz is essentially a collection of YouTube items (videos, channels, playlists) organized around the central theme of Acting, or to be more specific, for Actors in the process of launching, building and maintaining their Acting Careers, as well as their Craft.

With Thespianz, an Actor can make good use of downtime to quickly and efficiently explore and discover thought-provoking and motivating videos, whether while grabbing a meal, working on a role or waiting in an audition lobby.

Ultimately, my growth as an Actor is a function of learning; watching everything, observing Life, people and myself, and my experience working, whether in class, on-stage or on-set.

Yet there is another factor that affects my growth and what I am able to give in my performance. This factor has many names: excitement, interest, desire, attitude, etc.

My favorite is Enthusiasm: ‘a feeling of energetic interest in a particular subject or activity and a desire to be involved in it, or a subject that produces such a feeling.’ - Cambridge Dictionary.

So basically Thespianz was designed in the hope of being an Enthusiasm Enhancer for the craft of Acting. we hope that Thespianz will serve you well in this respect. Break a leg!!


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We do not hold any copyright of the content posted here. No file is hosted on the server of Thespianz. All material is served from the Youtube Server

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This app does NOT have anything to do with Google Inc. Every trademark is property of its owners. All videos are hosted on external servers, we use this API from Youtube to display videos.